Friday, May 30, 2014

A gift from the heart....

My ten year old daughter loves to make things and she loves to give gifts, especially gifts she has made herself.  (I need to do a whole series on the homemade toys she has made for her little brother over the years.)  I absolutely love her creative and giving spirit!

Another thing my daughter loves is looking for four leaf clovers.  She finds a surprising number of them.  Guess she has a lot of good luck in store for her!  She found a four leaf clover recently and decided to make something special with it for a friend.  She remembered the Modge Podge we had used recently for another project and came up with the idea of decorating a box with the clover.  So she pressed the clover flat in a book for a few days and I took her to the craft store to pick out a paper mache craft box.  She chose a small oval shaped one.  We brought it home and she carefully decided on the color she wanted to paint it.  Then she attached the clover to the painted box and covered it with a couple of coats of Modge Podge.  Here are the results.  I think the box turned out lovely!  It was a simple, yet pretty project that she came up with on her own.  And a beautiful gift for her friend.  She decided to put something in the box too, but we were running too crazy and busy that day (dance recital!) so I didn't find out what the special something was she put inside.  I'll try to remember to ask her that tomorrow......

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