Monday, June 23, 2014

Temporary Nature Art (Land Art)

After several days in super-busy, on-the-go mode, my kids and I finally have a day to stay at home.  My daughter is fighting a cold and I think I'm coming down with it too so I spent my late morning relaxing outside watching our chickens and enjoying the (unusual for June) coolness after a light rain.  Since I have trouble sitting still for very long, I couldn't resist turning the sticks and rocks at my feet into a picture.  So after creating this guy (see photo on the right), I dragged my two younger kids outside for some fresh air and nature art.

Here are some of our creations.

These are great projects to do at a park and leave for someone else to enjoy.  Also, a good way to get kids outside having fun and being creative.

Check out Land Art for Kids for more great land and nature art ideas to inspire creativity in children.
Taking a break from his art

Some of our chickens (and one duck!)

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