Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Craft

Here's a quick craft for St. Patrick's Day - a giant glittery shamrock.
I adapted this craft from the book Crafts for All Seasons.

Supplies used:
3 pieces of green construction paper (green card stock would work better!)
white glue
green paint (optional)
glitter (I only had silver, but I think gold would look better)
hole punch and yarn for hanging

I used a small plate (approximately 8 inches across) as a template to cut out 3 circles from my construction paper. 

This craft would definitely work better with card stock, but I didn't have any green on hand. 

Next I folded the circles over slightly (not completely so I wouldn't make a noticeable crease) and drew a curved line so I could cut the circles into a heart shape.  

I laid the 3 green hearts overlapping one another in the shape of a shamrock.  

Next I cut out a curved stem from one of the leftover pieces of construction paper.  

I tucked this under the shamrock leaves and stapled the pieces together.  

I didn't like the pale green color of the paper so I mixed some brighter green paint with white glue (2 parts paint, 1 part glue).  
I brushed this on the leaves and stem then quickly sprinkled with glitter before it dried.  If you like the color of your paper you could skip the paint and just brush on glue and sprinkle with glitter.
After it dried, I punched a hole and hung on the wall with a piece of yarn.
Now if I just had time to make about a dozen of these to decorate my dining room with for St. Patrick's Day!

Éirinn go Brách!

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