Thursday, April 3, 2014

Creating A Garden

Some of the things we planted
My daughter has been begging to plant a garden for weeks now.  She wanted her and her little brother to each plant a garden and see who could grow the best crops - she's very competitive!  We've been pretty busy so I hadn't had time to plan anything out (plus I'm really more of a flower gardener - I'm terrible at growing edible things!).  It's already getting late to plant certain crops so I decided today was the day to just jump in and get it done.  We moved to this house last summer so I did not have a garden area prepared.  There was a certain area with pretty loose, rich dirt (the previous owners had a pig for awhile who worked up the soil a bit) and I planted a few zinnias there last year so I decided that was the spot of least resistance for their little gardens.  We pulled weeds, hoed and the kids used some extra bricks we have to mark the border of their gardens.  I was hoping our chickens wouldn't notice the new area, but as soon as we had a few seeds planted they were there scratching and pecking!  So my husband came to the rescue and built a quick fence.  Now to see if anything will actually grow there!  It's not the fanciest or prettiest garden ever, but my kids are proud of creating their own little garden space.  Do your kids like to grow things?  Happy gardening everyone!

Our quick fencing job!

Our handsome rooster, Rocky

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