Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Owls for Story Time

This was a recent project I did with 5 and 6 year olds for story/craft time.  We read one of my all time favorite children's books, Owl Moonand then made this sweet owl craft I found in the current issue of Family Fun magazine.  The craft instructions are not on their website yet, but I will post a link when it becomes available there.  The craft was fairly simple, but the moms did help a bit.

The supplies needed are:  toilet paper tubes, paper muffin liners (in colors such as white, brown, black, yellow or orange), scissors, tacky or white school glue, white card stock, black marker, construction paper.

Step one - fold over and tape down the top of the toilet paper roll to form ears

Step two - cut a muffin liner into 4 parts, then cut away the flat portion to leave only the ruffled parts

Step three - begin gluing the 4 pieces of ruffled muffin liner overlapping, beginning at the bottom

Step four - cut another muffin liner in half, then trim until desired size and shape of wings is reached, glue onto the back of the toilet paper tube

Step five - cut out circles for eyes, use marker to draw eyes and dots, glue onto a matching circle of construction paper to outline the eyes, or for the white owl glue onto a circle of muffin liner as the eye background, then glue eyes onto the front of the owl

Step six - cut out an orange beak from construction paper or card stock and glue to the owl (or if you are making an orange owl, cut out a tan colored beak - courtesy of my 5 year old who realized an orange beak would blend in too much with the orange owl)

You will end up with a super cute owl!  The kids were pleased with their results and the craft wasn't too difficult for them although the moms helped with some of the cutting and directing where to glue.  I also did some prep work ahead of time to make it less frustrating for young kids.  I already had the toilet paper rolls taped down, the eye circles cut out and the beaks cut out before we began.  I used tacky glue in a small container that the kids could dip a Q-Tip in to apply.  This method has always worked great with younger kids to keep the gluey messes to a minimum.

For more owl fun check out this link:

I hope to try the owl finger puppet craft soon!

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